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While lawyers mandate and businesses eye the bottom line, economists, at their best, couple well-defined policy objectives with an understanding of the incentives that motivate human behavior. This perspective underlies my work, which, in the broadest terms, addresses the economic and institutional requirements for a dynamic and equitable global economy. 

"Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking." J.M. Keynes

"On résiste à l'invasion des armées; on ne résiste pas à l'invasion des idées."   Victor Hugo Histoire d'un Crime


My work builds on experience during a long period at the International Monetary Fund where I was Deputy Director of the European Department when I left in mid-2007.  I lead the IMF’s teams working with governments in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the UK and Germany. I also had several other incarnations at the IMF--in the Research Department (where I focused on exchange rate and SDR issues), Asian Department (where I was head of divisions for India and Thailand) and Policy Development and Review Department (where I established the ex post evaluation division). 

Now as a non-resident senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Canada, most of my work centers on global governance and institutions for addressing sovereign debt crises. How transnational institutions have absorbed the lessons of past crises and handled the ongoing crisis in Europe is a major focus. I also have an active interest in macroeconomic diagnostics, especially in emerging market countries where policies must be responsive to the pressures of capital inflows, current account imbalances and sustainability. I continue my interest in Central and Eastern Europe as a member of the Advisory Council  of the Center for Economic and Social Research in Warsaw. My CV attached to this website has details.